Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Money Matters

Brian and I met with our financial planner last night. It's always stressful for me. Even though I take care of the day to day bills and budgeting, my brain just doesn't work well with the financial planning things. I have to concentrate so hard just to try to keep up as they are talking. Exhausting.

The good news was that we are on track to be fully funded for retirement and meeting Brielle's financial needs for her life as well. Whew!

It is difficult to face the very real numbers regarding what Brielle will need to financially survive knowing she will probably never be able to have any real income from a job. She will have some income and services provided by the government, but that will only go so far and we don't want her to have to depend on that alone.

I am just so grateful that Brian has always had a good job. I am also so grateful that he is more money prudent than I am and has kept me on track, especially when we were younger (first married) when I wasn't as savings oriented.

Money definitely matters!

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