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Watch here for more details about my upcoming book about our journey!

7/21/13 -- Just finished RE-re-writes on Chapter 21. Only seven more to go! I've been working on the blog. Look for bigger changes coming up in the next week or two!

7/3/13 -- Coming into the home stretch! I finished the re-writes about a month ago. Took two weeks off and am back at it from the beginning. Going through it one chapter at a time AGAIN and now working on some RE-re-writes to Chapter 11. I'm also making preparations for a handful of people to read it and make suggestions before I send it off to an editor. I went to a self-publishing workshop last night. Very overwhelming with what still needs to be done (the technical aspects of publishing, not the writing/editing process). But, feeling really great about it all (despite losing sleep last night with my mind racing).

5/11/13 -- It's been a busy few weeks! The re-writes for Chapters 20, 21, 22, 23, 28 and 29 are done. Chapter 25, 26 and 27 are interviews with Brian, Ashley and Brielle, but I don't have those completed yet. I also finished a draft of the Acknowledgements and the Introduction! I have one more chapter to write (#24) on the role of faith throughout our journey and then it's on to one more review through the whole thing. I'll need to get it to a friend of mine who will edit it for me and then find a publisher. This is really coming together!!! Thank you so much for all of the support!

3/26/13 -- Re-writes done for Chapter 18 and 19. Working on re-writes for Chapter 20! Only four more chapters to re-write and then three more "interview style" chapters to do. I've already interviewed Ashley (just need to transcribe it). Then I need to interview Brian and Brielle! Really interested to "hear" what Brielle has to say about some things. Hope to be finished by the end of May and be looking for publishers after that. I can see the light at the end of this project. Thanks for the support and good wishes!

2/27/13 -- Take that! Chapter 16 AND Chapter 17 re-writes done! (for now...) Only seven more chapters to go! Anyone doing the math? This means I'm just over two-thirds done with re-writes! Whoohoo!!!! :D

2/23/13 -- A rare day not writing at home. Instead I'm writing at Frosty Frog! Made great progress RE-re-working Chapters 14 and 15. Back on track!

2/19/13 -- Couldn't bear to let even a day pass without making my writing better. RE-re-worked Chapter 13 and I am VERY confident it hits the mark this time. Thanks group! I needed that kick in the butt!

2/18/13 -- Made humble again by my writers group. Faster isn't always better! Back to re-writes... well, RE-re-writes of 13, 14 and 15.... *sigh*

2/15/13 -- With Brian out of town for the whole week, I've been writing like a mad woman! Got re-writes done for Chapters 13, 14 AND 15!!!

2/3/13 -- At The Scrapbook Cabin with 15 friends for a four-day retreat. BIG FUN! I ran out of things to scrapbook midday yesterday (yes, I'm that caught up), so I've been busy writing. I re-worked Chapter 11...again. Got re-writes done on Chapter 12 about the first week living in Freeport, Illinois including our first meeting with our new Early Intervention team. AND.... I got re-writes (almost) done on Chapter 13 about the many adjustments we had to make after the move to Illinois.

1/26/13 -- Went to a great workshop today at Foxtale Bookshoppe with author River Jordan who talked about her book, Praying for Strangers, and being an authentic writer. Just the kick in my butt I needed!

1/22/13 -- Re-worked Chapter 11 about our decision to move from Wisconsin to Illinois. Struggling with how much to include in this chapter and how much to save for the next one....Thank goodness I have a great Writers Group to advise me!

1/6/13 -- Just truckin' right along! Finished re-writes on Chapter 11 about our decision to move from Wisconsin to Illinois and my decision to be a stay-at-home mom, one of the best decisions I ever made! (And blessed to have the opportunity to do it!)

12/29/12 -- Took a break from the holiday festivities and family in town to work on re-writes on Chapter 10 about Brielle starting Early Intervention. Other than writing while Brielle is in therapy sessions (no pun intended), this is the first time I've worked somewhere other than home. Kinda fun! But, now exhausted... Exhausted then and now!

11/16/12 -- Ended up splitting Chapter 8 into two chapters and I've done re-writes on both. Staying on track to have re-writes done by spring! What a long process....

11/5/12 -- Chapter 8 re-writes done! This chapter is about Brielle's early health issues in the first few months of her life and going back to work after maternity leave. Things are just humming along!

10/12/12 -- Done with re-writes of another chapter! (#7) For some reason, this one took a lot of time and effort. Not really sure why. It was about the happy times in the three months after we brought Brielle home from the hospital. Go figure.

9/26/12 -- Just humming along with re-writes! Done with Chapter 4, polishing up Chapter 5, and almost done with Chapter 6! Hoping to be completely done and ready to work on publishing by mid-spring!

9/19/12 -- Almost done with re-writes on Chapter 4 (originally Chapter 7 written back in March of 2010) about the day Brielle was born. Bitter sweet!

9/8/12 -- Done with re-writes on Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 and my writers group reviewed them both (twice actually). Have to give myself a pat on the back for being brave enough to finally let someone outside of my writers group read my work. Brian (hubby) has read the first two chapters and so have my parents. :)

8/16/12 -- Did the re-writes on Chapter 1 (originally written just back in April) and shared it with my writers group. I actually re-wrote it again and feel fairly satisfied with it. I worked today on re-writes of Chapter 2 and realized I wrote it originally in February of 2010. My, how time flies! And, wow, my writing style sure has changed! On a related note, I've started taking a writing class at local bookstore. It seems to be for people with less experience than I have, but looking forward to the process!

7/27/12 - Spent the day writing what will be the last chapter of my book! It's about "Lessons Learned" ...and there have been many lessons. For the final three chapters I still need to write, I planned to interview Brian, Ashley and Brielle to get their perspective. For now, I'm going to hold off on that. So, it's time to start re-writes! Oh joy!!!

6/20/12 - Wrote most of another chapter today about "The Road Ahead" -- our plans and hopes for the future. Still needs work and some editing. I can see the end in sight!

6/14/12 - Spent the day writing a new chapter for my book! But, alas... it's a boring one about Financial and Legal Issues. I hope I've done my job to make it more palatable and, hopefully, it will be interesting and give insights to my readers! On to the last half dozen chapters!

6/6/12 - Although I haven't written a word in several weeks with all of Ashley's graduation festivities, while Brielle was in speech and physical therapy, I spent two hours today organizing my notes for each chapter. Eager to get writing again!

5/14/12 - Finished writing a VERY difficult chapter to write about medical issues with Brielle. Tough to know what readers might want to know! Seven more chapters to write!

4/21/12 - Read a small excerpt from my first chapter in today's blog post!

4/7/12 - Finished a brand new Chapter 1! Less than 10 chapters to write before I start the re-writes! Woohoo!

3/8/12 - Just finished writing the 20th chapter of my book! About 8 to 10 more to go to finish the first rough draft!

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