Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dancing With Joy!

Brielle has been part of a special needs cheer and dance group for the last two years. Although it's been a great experience, it just wasn't a good fit for us anymore.

By mere chance, one of Ashley's friend's texted me a few weeks ago that the dance place where she danced at for 15 years was offering a new class specifically designed for special needs kids and teens.

The teacher is a local college student who is studying special education. She has done a great job working with the girls and their strengths teaching them fun moves to popular music. The girls have learned a routine to one whole song and half of another in just three weeks.

Brielle and Victoria with
their dance teacher and helpers
Brielle has been attending the class with her best friend, Victoria, for the last three weeks and loves it! It was was only designed as a four week class, but they have offered to extend it at least through the holidays. Hopefully, if there is more interest in the class, they can offer it on a weekly basis starting in after the holidays.

Victoria's mom and I contacted all of the local newspapers to try to get more participants. Their story was featured in the big Atlanta paper and a weekly community newspaper. Very exciting!

Brielle loves spending time with her best friend and the proximity and timing of the class couldn't be more perfect for us!

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