Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Making a Difference

Today's Making a Difference is Ashley, Brielle's big sister... Who else could it be after we took Ashley to college this past weekend?

Ashley and Brielle have had a "different" relationship than most sisters because Brielle is "different." It's just too complicated and special to put into words, so I'll just show you instead...

Meeting Brielle
February 1996

Summer 1996
Fall 1997?

Spring 1999?

Summer 1999?
At our garage sale in Illinois
Summer 2000?
Texas backyard

At Dad's softball game

At Grandma's house
Spring 2003

At a University of Texas volleyball game
Christmas Eve
In Panama City, FL
June 2009

In Washington, DC
September 2010
Clearwater, FL
September 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

February or March 2012

Ashley's graduation
May 2012

As we all start a new chapter in lives while Ashley is in college, I know we certainty that Ashley and Brielle will always have a special sisterly bond like no other.....

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  1. A relationship like that between sisters can only be attributed to amazing parenting and wonderful family values. So amazingly inspirational to me as a mother of a cmv fighter with an older sister! I hope they grow up to love each other like your girls. Thanks for sharing this!


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