Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twenty-seven years ago....

Our first picture together
on our way up to Estes Park, CO
July 1985
....Brian and I had our first "official" date.

We went to the same high school. Although he was several grades ahead of me, I knew who he was since he was on the basketball team and I was in the prep band. I even had drivers education class with his little sister!

We truly met when his best friend invited him and another friend to go on our church's youth group trip to Denver. I thought it would be lame, so I refused to go despite my pastor's questioning. I finally relented when someone else backed out and the spot was already paid for by the women of the church.

I clearly remember walking around the corner of the church and seeing Brian standing there with his two friends. Love at first sight? Nah. But, it was definitely lust at first sight!

There were meetings for several weeks before the trip. By the time we left for the trip, we were basically a couple. But, it wasn't until we got back that he formally asked me out on our first date. Pizza and miniature golf!

Less than five years later, we got married and here we are 27 years after that first date! How can we be THAT old????

* Want to read more about our wedding day? Just read my March 10th post about our anniversary!

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