Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary "Brielle & Me"!

A year ago, I "went public" with this blog. Although I started it six weeks before, I put this blog out there for the others to read and follow on March 26, 2012.

I started it as a way for others to connect to our life with Brielle and follow the progress of my book. I had just finished writing Chapter 20. A year later, I'm finished with the rough draft and actually working on re-writes of Chapter 20 this week! Talk about coming full circle...

My blog had a different look back then. (I wish I had done a screen capture or taken a picture or something.) At first, I just randomly posted things about our lives and events that were happening. I then changed to doing something more organized, but discovered the format wasn't allowing me to post about things that mattered, especially things I couldn't fit into my book. So happy I made the changes in the format and am now posting what's on my mind and in my heart.

Since I started this blog, I've had over 7,000 views! I'm thrilled to know others want to read what I have shared!

Do you have an idea, suggestion or something you'd like to read about? Let me know! I want to hear from you! Make comments or send me a message!

Until my next post...thanks for being a follower of Brielle & Me! It's has been quite the journey indeed!

May 2012

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