Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ashley's Graduation!

Today was a memorable day. Ashley graduated from high school with honors!

It has been a busy 10 days preparing for family and friends to arrive and planning for Ashley’s big party. I was so uncharacteristically calm despite all of the work and stress. My mantra was, “Focus on the memories” and we made some great memories this week!

Family and friends at the graduation ceremony

My parents, Brian’s father and sister, and a close friend from Texas came into town earlier this week to join us in the festivities. 

My High School graduation (1986)
Graduation ceremonies have always seemed boring and anti-climactic to me. Although I attended my high school graduation, I skipped my college and graduate school ceremonies.

I swore I wouldn’t get emotional during the ceremony. To my surprise, I got all teary eyed during several parts of the 90-minute ceremony. As we waited for Ashley’s turn out of her 425+ classmates to walk across the stage of the huge church where the ceremony took place, I just kept thinking about how she has her whole life ahead of her and how she is now in control. Scary, exciting thoughts.

Brielle and her big sister
I also couldn’t help but to think Brielle will never go through a graduation ceremony like this since we homeschool. Like the overpriced school pictures, a big graduation ceremony is one of the few things I miss since she is no longer in public schools.

Brian, Ashley and me
Despite my misty eyes during the ceremony, it was a happy day and I am so proud of Ashley! We had more than 50 people at her party this afternoon to help us celebrate. Although it was 93 degrees in Hot-lanta, we stayed cool with tents and water misters outside and cool AC inside.

Although our family and friends will be leaving this week and the festivities will be over, I know it was a special week and day for Ashley. Today begins the rest of her life!
Brian's sister and  Ashley

My father, Brian's father, Ashley and my mom

On to college in just 10 weeks... I'm trying not to think of that part.

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  1. Great pictures! And I think I recognize one of my own in that photo. Both my kids didn't get to go through high school graduation. I just focus on the other memories we've made over the years - and to come!


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