Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Numbers Game

Can a child have a “learning spurt” just like they have “growth spurts”?

I have been homeschooling Brielle for the last two school years. One of her most difficult subjects has been math. Although she is 16 years old, she studies 3rd and 4th grade work in all subjects, except math. She is only doing first grade math work and it is a constant struggle.

Lately, however, Brielle has been kicking some serious butt in math!

I have no idea what changed. I haven’t been doing anything majorly different with her in math. And yet she FINALLY seems to be getting the concepts of simple addition and subtraction facts and has mastered each to 11.

I am so proud and excited for her! (And happy to moving on to bigger numbers after two years of doing the same facts over and over again!)

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