Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's Making a Difference

Today’s “Making a Difference” is unlikely suspect, one of Brielle’s doctors!
“Dr. K” has been Brielle’s chiropractor for the last three and half years. Shortly after we moved to the Atlanta area four years ago, I read an article in the community newspaper about a local chiropractor who was working with a disabled teenage boy. Finding a chiropractor who has experience and confidence working with Brielle’s physical impairments is difficult, so I knew this could be an opportunity for a “good fit”.

Brielle has received chiropractic care since she was a toddler. It truly made a big difference in her digestive tract and physical abilities. Even her physical therapist can tell a difference when she has had a recent adjustment. Therefore, chiropractic treatments continue to be part of her routine care.

We visit “Dr. K” every other week, just hours before her physical therapy appointment. At one time or another, “Dr. K” has treated each member of our family, even the skeptics in my crew!

"Dr. K. and his wife
"Dr. K." with Brielle
at Special Olympics Winter games
January 2009
However, “Dr. K” is more than just our chiropractor, he has become our friend and our lives have become intermingled than most doctors and patients. His wife often works as his receptionist, so I have come to know her as well and stay in touch with her on a social media website. His wife shared her experiences homeschooling their children and was an encouragement for me to start homeschooling Brielle. His wife invited a few friends over one Super Bowl to have a wife’s night out and I felt honored to be included. Two years ago, I taught their daughter a song in sign language, which she performed at their church in their hometown. “Dr. K” and his family even showed up at Brielle’s Special Olympics bowling tournament the first winter we knew them.
“Come on in, Stulls. What’s been happening?” he greets us at each visit. While he adjusts Brielle, we talk about our families and life events. We have been a support to one another as we’ve gone through the highs and lows of life. Throughout it all, we share our stories of faith and devotion to God. His unwavering devotion to his faith as head of his family is an encouragement to me at every visit.
"Dr. K" and his family being silly
“Dr. K” is patient and engaging with Brielle. He talks directly to her and is genuinely interested in hearing her stories laughing at her silly ways. He has a great sense of humor and not afraid to be silly right back at her. He always puts his arm around Brielle to tell her good-bye and, inevitably, Brielle signs, “Dr. K is nice to me” as we walk out of his office.

Thank you, Dr. K., for your care, compassion and friendship!
"Dr. K" with Brielle
April 2012
One more note: When I got my tattoo, I was terribly afraid I would get a lecture from “Dr. K.” How could I get that big tattoo right up my spine and NOT expect a lecture from my chiropractor? But, he didn’t lecture me at all! He seemed truly excited and proud of me for being so brave. He even took a picture to make sure his wife saw it. Whew! Thanks for that show of grace and kindness, "Dr. K."! -- To read more about my tattoo (and see it), go to:

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