Monday, June 11, 2012

Brian's Birthday!

It's Brian's birthday! If you know numbers in sign language, then you'll know how old he is today from this picture!
How old is Brian????
Since his birthday fell on a week day (which meant he was at work all day and Ashley worked tonight until 9:30), we decided to do some celebrating yesterday.

We ran a few errands and did some shopping. Brian bought some golf balls and new shorts to wear while golfing with a gift card from his father. We also went shopping for a new iPad for his birthday... a real splurge for him!

Hmmm.... Which one will help me lower my score?

Then, we had a yummy dinner with fantastic service at one of his favorite places.
Bring on the fried oysters!
While we were at dinner, two of Ashley's friends (one was "J" from today's "Making a Difference") stopped by and left cupcakes on our front porch for Brian. Wasn't that sweet?

Just in case you can't read the blue icing, it says "Happy birthday :)"
He was too busy "playing" with his new iPad that he completely lost track of time last night.
Ashley and Brian using an app to view the constellations over our house.

So, we had cake and opened up cards tonight!

Even our dog, Cooper, got a taste
of the yummy birthday cake!
Yum! Yum! Brielle can't wait to eat some cake!

Happy birthday to my husband! We've spent 25 of your last 26 birthdays together and I can't wait to celebrate another 25 or 50 more!  Love you!!  :)

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