Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday's Making a Difference

Yes, I know, I know.... It's been a few weeks since I posted a new chapter to "Monday's Making a Difference". Give this blogger a break! I've been crazy busy with Ashley's graduation, family in town, and the clean-up... not to mention the need for a little time to breathe after all of that. Whew!

So, today's "Making a Difference" is about "J" (yes, sorry... another person with a "J").
"J" (October 2011)

"J" is one of Ashley's friends. They met on the first day of school four years ago. They had both just moved to this area and were new students at their high school. "J" is so naturally outgoing and a "chatterbox" that she and Ashley just instantly became friends.
"J" and Ashley (October 2008)
Four years later, "J" is in college, but can still hang out with Ashley regularly. They are now the best of friends and are so good for each other. I couldn't pick a more perfect friend for Ashley.
Ashley and "J" at a Braves baseball game (May 2012)
Although "J" is one of many friends that are always sweet and kind to Brielle, "J" became special to Brielle when she started babysitting Brielle just a few years ago. Although "J" is part-time nanny and babysits many other children, she always tries to make time to be Brielle if I need her.
"J" and Brielle just hanging out ( April 2012)
"J" just "gets" Brielle and isn't afraid of being with her. Quite the opposite. Whenever she comes over to see Ashley, she always makes sure she greets Brielle as well. "J's" positive spirit and energy are a natural fit with Brielle. They can have fun and be goofy together just like a couple of teenagers. That is a precious gift to Brielle.
Brielle making silly faces with "J" (March 2012)
"J" wants to become a pediatrician. She is quite smart enough and determined enough to do it. Her fun personality will make her a great children's doctor. And I know that her interactions with Brielle will help her be just that much better with special needs children when she is caring for them.

"J" has gone through her own medical issues. She has had Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome since November 2005, Celiac Disease since April 2008, and was diagnosed with Neurally Mediated Hypotension in February 2009. She has handled them with dignity, poise and responsibility. This is one special gal!

Want to learn more about her story? Go to:

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