Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Mad Libs" Revelation

From time to time, I discover something really interesting while homeschooling Brielle. Sure, I've learned things about history and science that I either:
a) ...never learned; OR
b) ...learned and had forgotten (which is highly likely)

Our "Mad Libs" page today
Well, today, during our Language Arts lesson, I had quite the revelation. We usually do a "Mad Libs" page to warm up. "Mad Libs" are actually a great way to review parts of speech and whole lot more fun than boring worksheet.

Do you remember doing "Mad Libs"? Maybe you did them on a car ride or at a sleepover. You don't know what the story or sentence is about. You just fill in something for the missing part of speech and then read it aloud to hear how silly the sentences get. Brielle always laughs at how ridiculous the sentences are.

We're working on a "Mad Libs" book with a birthday theme and today's page was a birthday card. The last line on the page was "a person in the room - female". We had already used "Mom", so she signed, "Brielle" to me. (Yes, we've been known to use "Cooper" - our dog - once in a while, too.) then I realized how the last line reads:

"Hugs and pillows,
Your Aunt Brielle"
"Your Aunt Brielle"

Whoa. Brielle could some day be an aunt. I had never thought of that. Duh. How could I not think of that?? Of course, Ashley could have children some day (although Ashley doesn't like kids much, she could marry someone and have kids). I have certainly thought of that, Ashley having kids. So, why had I never thought of Brielle being an aunt???

As I pondered why I hadn't thought of this before, I took a picture of the page and texted the picture to Brian. He had the same reaction as I did. "Wow. guess that is right, never crossed my mind either." Oh good, I'm not wacky for not thinking of this sooner.

I texted the picture to Ashley telling her I had never considered that one day Brielle could be aunt to her future children. Ashley responded, "Never thought of that??? I have. That's probably because it would be my"

Hmmm.... I guess this is something I should have thought of at some point. Well, now it's got me thinking. What kind of aunt would Brielle be?

First of all, Brielle would be SO excited. She just loves babies! And I think Brielle could be a good aunt. Just consider all she could teach a neice or nephew about life, fairness, and having a postive spirit? Those are important lessons.

I think I'll just keep thinking about that instead of thinking about what her neice or nephew might miss out on since Brielle is the way she is. Otherwise, it's just too depressing. Besides, Brielle won't be an aunt for VERY long time, if ever.

(While pondering all of this today, I also had the opposite thought. Ashley will never be an aunt. Another depressing thought...)

Who thought "Mad Libs" could bring on such a huge revelation???

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  1. Ashley will be an aunt if her husband's siblings have kids. Not the same as if Brielle had kids, but it still works pretty well!


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