Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Writing and Re-Writing... and Re-Writing!

The fruits of my labor!
(or at least the three notebooks
with my chapters and notes)
It's been a long journey writing my story about having a special needs child. It started as a novel more than seven years ago when I started just casually writing when I had some free time (which wasn't often).  I honestly was not a good novel writer at all.  When someone from my first writer's group suggested I stop trying to cloud our story in a novel and write it as non-fiction, my memoir was born.

Tools of the trade --
my little laptop, an old fashioned notepad,
a critical red pen, and plenty of coffee!

With the help of my writer's group, I wrote and wrote until I finally finished the first draft at the end of July and am now working on re-writes. I write about four afternoons a week and am in a real groove! I hope to complete the re-writes completed by mid-spring and be on my way to publishing!

My current writer's group --
Me, MH and S
My current writer's group has been an invaluable resource providing me with helpful critiques and motivation to keep on writing. Brian, Ashley and my parents are reading my chapters for the first time and have been a huge source of support as well.

* For updates on my writing process, be sure to visit my special blog page!

* For more information about my writer's group, be sure to visit their Monday's Making a Difference page!

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