Friday, October 12, 2012

A Sleepover (of Another Kind)

Whenever Brian travels, I let Brielle sleep with me one of the nights he is gone. If he is gone one night, she sleeps over that one night. If he's gone a week, she still gets just one night. It's something she loves and I wish I could say it's because she gets to sleep with me. But, I know it's because of the evening festivities instead.

No Dad. I'm not eating popcorn
on YOUR side of the bed!
It's the only time she gets to eat popcorn and drink Sprite for dinner. Brian always teases her not to eat popcorn on his side of the bed because of the crumbs. But, Brielle just laughs and we let it be "our secret". Cooper is pretty good about being a doggie vacuum cleaner and getting up all of the pieces, so it's not really an issue anyway.

Home videos are better than
anything else that's on TV!

It's also the only time I let her watch old home videos. I usually watch with her for a little while and then let her watch the rest on her own.

Daddy does the Hokey Pokey
and he turns himself around.
That's what it's all about!

Last night, I caught a few funny, classic scenes. One was of Brian doing to Hokey Pokey with Ashley at her gymnastics class. What a good sport he was. Too funny!

Can't get enough of this show!
The excellent writing always inspires me
to write better myself!

While she watched home videos, I watched my favorite TV series and worked on re-writing another chapter of my book -- Chapter 7! I'm making excellent progress! (And, yes, I've seen the whole series at least 10 times, but it never gets old! I just get "lost" in the mythology! - pun intended!)

Everyone is all tucked in!
But is there room for Mom???
I'm really bad at getting to sleep without Brian home. I stay up too late working and watching TV. Last night was no exception. When I came to bed last night, there wasn't much room for me!

Brielle doesn't get sleepovers with friends, but she loves our sleepovers together. And sleepy cuddles in the morning are the best part!

* Want to read about the best sleepover ever? Find out who it was with!

* For more about the progress of my book, check out my recent post about it or follow the summary of how it's all been going!

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