Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Sleepover

Ashley in her dorm room
August 2012
Last weekend we traveled from Atlanta (where we live) to Orlando (where Ashley is going to college). We couldn't wait to see Ashley! We moved her into her dorm a month ago and hadn't seen her since -- other than video chatting, which just isn't the same at all.

We did the typical "College Parents Weekend" things -- walked around campus to see where her classes are, listened to a few guest speakers, walked through the craziness of tailgating, went the first home football game, and went out to dinner.

Ashley and Brielle coming out of the dorm
the mornning after their sleepover
September 2012

As fun as the whole weekend was, by far the most special moment (other than getting my first hug from Ashley in a month) was watching Ashley take Brielle by the hand to take her up to dorm room for a sleepover. I was overwhelmed with warm, fuzzy feelings.

Unlike most 16-year-old teenage girls, this was Brielle's first sleepover ever.
Ashley and Brielle saying their "good-byes"
before we left to travel back to Atlanta
September 2012

Since we dropped them off close to 10pm and were picking them up at 8:30 the next morning to go out to breakfast as a family, there wasn't much time for the traditional girly sleepover events. Ashley, of course, did a great job taking care of Brielle overnight, but she also made Brielle feel special and made the whole event fun. Brielle was SO excited about their sleepover and has been chattering on and on about it ever since.

For being just less than two years apart, my girls don't get to do a lot of the "sisterly" things other sisters get to do. But, that sleepover will forever be precious to me as I know it will for both of them.

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  1. what a great story! i can only imagine how happy it made EVERYONE! very touching.


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