Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ANOTHER Surprise Offer from the Generous Stranger!

Back in January we had a surprise gift from a generous stranger -- Taylor Swift tickets! Read all about it!

Just minutes ago, the man called to offer us something new...Justin Bieber tickets! Not just any tickets, but mucho primo close-enough-to-touch-him tickets!

Although I realized this was amazing offer, I had to turn them away. Brielle just isn't a Justin Bieber fan at all. The man was very gracious and expressed gratitude for my honesty.

But, wow!

Sorry, Justin!


  1. How cool!! That makes my *heart flutter* I love stories like this and it renews my faith in humans.

    I just finished reading "Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. It is about a little orphan girl who is awarded by a generous stranger who sends her to college and she has to write him letters while she is at school. It was written in 1912 and I thought it was sweet.

    Your story reminded me of that and thought I would share.

    Here's to your generous stranger and his big heart!

    1. That sounds like an awesome story and book! I just put it on my wish list in my Kindle. And yes, Mike has an amazing heart!

  2. Oh wow, what a cool story! Mike does sound like an amazing person. It sounds like the Taylor Swift concert was amazing!


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