Monday, July 15, 2013

I Am Not a Mind Reader Either

I follow and read quite a few blogs, especially now that I found Bloglovin to organize and put them all in one place. Many that I follow are written by special needs moms or for special needs families. Each is different and provides interesting insights. Of course, I have my favorites.

One of them recently had an awesome post about her young daughter who uses a communication device and how the mom must remind herself not make any assumptions about what her daughter is trying to communicate. It was an excellent reminder to me as well.

I know my Brielle. I know her likes/dislikes and her life experiences. It's rare when (I think) I can't figure out what she's trying to tell me, even when she gets lazy and doesn't sign complete sentences or can't figure out how to sign certain things.

Knowing what Brielle might be trying to tell me and being a mind reader are two very different things.

By assuming I know what Brielle is signing when she doesn't use complete sentences, I am selling her short. I can't do that. Simple as that.

Thanks for the reminder, Dana!

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