Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Things I Will Never Have to Deal With

Parents of special needs children miss out on a lot. Some things, we hate missing. Others, are somehow an unexpected "side benefit."

1. I will never have to pay excessive car insurance premiums. That's a no go, Flo!

2. My daughter will never be a bridezilla. Just gonna have to Say NO to the Dress!

3. I will never have to worry about teen pregnancy. Now that's Clearblue Easy!

4. I will never catch my daughter smoking cigarettes. No butts about that, Joe Camel!

5. I will never catch my daughter drinking alcohol. Take that shot, Jack Daniels!

6. I will never catch my daughter doing drugs. That's Up in Smoke, Cheech and Chong!

7. My daughter will never be grounded for staying out past curfew or sneaking out to be with her boyfriend and best friend. Ferris is saved!

8. My daughter will never come home with random tattoos or body piercings. Too bad Kat Von D!

9. My daughter will never have any college debt. Off to the poorhouse, Sallie Mae!

And the greatest blessing in disguise...

10. I will never have to cry because my daughter is moving out. Our house will always be Home Sweet Home.


  1. She is a blessing!

  2. Well, you definitely reminded me of some things I don't want to think about when my daughter is older...although I did come home with a random bofy piercing and terrify my poor mom when I was younger, so, I've got that coming and I probably deserve it.

    And #10 warmed my heart!


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