Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Sister's Birthday

Ashley is 18 today!

Wow. How can that be? It seems like not long ago we were taking our first born child home from the hospital, healthy and sweet. I remember Brian and I just looking at one another after we took a few minutes to get settled. What now? How could we ever know how to be good parents?

Eighteen years later, we are Ashley's proud parents. She's a great kid, never gave us any trouble, works hard, gets good grades, active in a few school activities, has a part-time job, has many friends, and, most importantly to us, is happy, bold and confident.

In less than six months, Ashley will be going away to college a the University of Central Florida in Orlando to study Hospitality Management. I still can't believe we are letting her do that. We are going to miss her SO much.

I think of it often, but especially on birthdays..... How would Ashley's life be different if Brielle had been born healthy?

In so many ways, Ashley is more like an only child. Even though they are about 23 months apart, the sisters never swap clothes, whisper about boys, or even fight like so many other siblings. Ashley is kind to Brielle and very generous with her time to Brielle.  But, I can't help wonder how Ashley's life would have been different.

At moments like this, I especially try not to think about how different Ashley's life will be going forward, especially when Brian and I are gone and Brielle ultimately becomes Ashley's responsibility (directly or indirectly).

Instead, I am focusing on the joy that Ashley brings us and enjoying her special day. We watched old home movies from the day she was born until she turned one year old. We all went to the movies together and plan to go out to her favorite Italian restaurant before heading home for cake and presents.

Today is a good day. Life is good.

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