Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's Up Doc?

I set a personal goal this year to write an old-fashioned, hand-written letter or card to a friend or family member each week. I've had overwhelming great responses from people I've written so far.

This week, in our honor of my girls' recent birthdays, I decided to write a letter to the OB/GYN doctor we had when they were born. I thought it would be a fairly short letter, but it ended up being 14 stationary pages long!

I know this doctor has delivered many babies over the years. So, I reminded her of who were were. I hoped from our unique story with Brielle (the chicken pox and CMV), she might remember us. I also included pictures of us taken on the day each child was born and a family picture we took last week.

I thanked her for the care she gave us for both of our pregnancies and deliveries. I told her how we are doing and especially how Brielle is.

I couldn't help but to also give short plea for her to counsel other mothers about the easy measures they can take to help prevent CMV from affecting their own babies.

Although I am not expecting to hear back from this busy OB/GYN, I felt really good about sending a personal letter of thanks and giving her an update.

And the weekly letter writing campaign continues......!

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