Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Time for Basebal!

It's time again for fall baseball with Miracle League! Brielle has been playing since she was about eight years old. She played in Round Rock, TX, Toledo, OH and now for the last four years in Cumming-Forsyth, GA.

It's an amazing experience for kids and their families. But, it's also a great experience for the "buddies" who come to help. They are often teenagers from local high school sports teams. Our kids show them the power of trying and being a team in a way they might not see from their own peers.

The dugouts are extra wide to accommodate kids who use wheelchairs. The field is completely flat to make running the bases easy for all of the kids with physical impairments. Every child gets a chance to make a hit even if it takes a dozen or more pitches, using "T" or having their buddy bat for them. The score is always tied and it's all about having fun!
 And everyone knows rounding home plate is the best feeling of accomplishment with ALL of the fans cheering them on!
 The team huddle at the end of the game is special time of celebration. Brielle has been with the same team for the last four years, so they have a special bond.
Of course, no one cheers Brielle on more than her biggest fans, her family! (who just happen to be Cardinals fans and all decked out in Cardinal gear, just like Brielle's team!)

* Brielle had a blast playing baseball last year, too!

*For more information about  the Cumming-Forsyth Miracle League, please visit their website or go to the national Miracle League website!

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