Sunday, April 15, 2012

Play Ball!

It’s baseball season again for Brielle! Brielle has been playing baseball with Miracle League since she was about seven years. She played in Austin, Toledo and now in a northern suburb of Atlanta.

Miracle League baseball is wonderful opportunity for kids who are disabled to play baseball like other kids. They play on a field that is made of a special rubber surface that is flat to allow kids who use wheelchairs or walkers to move smoothly over the bases.

Even if it takes a player 10 or 15 pitches (or more!) to hit the ball, they are given the chance to swing. Each team gets to hit twice and the last batter always gets a “homerun”. There are no winners or losers. The game always ends in a tie.

The spectators clap and cheer wildly for every player. The supportive environment is like none I have ever seen. In the age of poor sportsmanship by parents and sometimes even violence, it is wonderful to see how encouraging the Miracle League spectators can truly be.

Each player has a “buddy” who helps them and makes sure they are safe as balls fly out to them. These volunteers are often teenagers who play sports together. The players love to interact with the buddies. However, the real “winners” are the volunteerss who get a chance to experience something special by helping children with disabilities. I am quite certain that they walk away with a different attitude about sports after spending time with our players.

Brielle has been with the same team and players for the last four years. We have watched them all grow up and go through changes. The team spirit they have is awesome to watch.

The bonus? Brielle’s team is the Cardinals! (our favorite Major League team) Go Cards!

For more information about Miracle League, go to:

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