Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love Infinitely

A special wooden statue has sat on our living room mantle over the fireplace since we got more than five years ago. The name of the statue is “The Infinity Flame”. It has always intrigued me.

Almost since we got it, I have been thinking of getting it as a tattoo. It is completely out of character for me to want even want a tattoo, but somehow I still wanted it. Fear of the pain has kept me from getting it as a tattoo, until now....

Ashley turned 18 a month ago and had been thinking of getting a tattoo of the world’s continents on her foot. She has a passion for travel and will be studying Hospitality Management at college next fall. How fitting that she wanted “the world at her feet”.

So, we both mustered up the courage and got our tattoos today!

Ashley went first. I held her hand tightly and she winced for 45 minutes as the tattoo artist did his work.

I was so proud of her for being so brave! Then it was my turn...

Yes, it hurt... a lot.

Once the tattoo artist got the outline done on my back, I asked for a break. Within a matter of moments, I felt queasy. I laid my head to the side on the back of the chair... and then I passed out. Ugh.

It felt like I was out for 30 minutes, but Ashley said it was only for about 20 second. I felt so badly for scaring her like that. She was such a help putting a wet paper towel on my forehead and holding my hands. I drank some water and slowly ate a few crackers and felt much better within 15 minutes.

I was able to lie on my stomach to get the rest of it filled it. Less than three hours after we walked in, Ashley and I walked out with our new tattoos.

With the sign for “I love you” in the middle of the Infinity Flame, my tattoo has special meaning for me. I think of it as being titled “Love Infinitely”.  

It will always be part of me and a reminder of how to live my life.

It means respect, acceptance and show love always. How fitting is that!

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  1. Ooh, I heard the story from Ashley and saw her beautiful tattoo! I told her I wanted to see yours and am so glad you posted this.

    Yes, you're a big brave girl - braver than me. It's lovely and I tip my hat to your sense of adventure, strength, and courage.


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