Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday's Making a Difference

Many people make a difference in Brielle’s life in small ways that deserve a little recognition. Therefore, Mondays’ posts will be “Making a Difference” dedicated to highlighting some of those people. Although it is way for me to let each of them know how I appreciate their kindnesses, I hope that others will learn how little things do truly make a difference.

“A” has been our stylist for the last three and a half years (almost since our move to the Atlanta area). “A” does so many little things for Brielle other than just cut her hair every eight weeks. (And “A” does a fantastic job of doing cute, age appropriate styles for Brielle that still keeps her hair away from her face.)

First of all, “A” is incredibly patient with Brielle. Although Brielle is fairly cooperative when “A” cuts her hair, she can also be a little toot. However, “A” knows when Brielle tips her head down so she can snip the bottom, back of her hair, she has to move quickly and carefully.

“A” speaks directly to Brielle. “A” asks her about things she knows Brielle does and never speaks to her as though Brielle were four years old. Brielle still needs me to interpret for her or help elaborate on a story, but “A” is always genuinely interested.

“A” is Brielle’s friend on a social media website. Whenever Brielle sees that “A” is on-line, she sends her a “hi” message and “A” is always quick to chat with her for a little while.

Most of all, “A” has become a friend to us both. She is never shy about asking me direct questions about Brielle. Although “A” might not truly know what our day-to-day lives are like with Brielle, she is kind, understanding, and more than just our stylist.

Thank you, “A”! You are a treasure to us both!

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