Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Making a Difference

Last week I shared how “A” and “R” make a difference at our Thursday lunches. This week is about “A’s” daughter, “J”.

Brielle and “J” met at our Thursday lunches with “A” and “R” over the summer two years ago when all of the kids were home from school. However, it wasn’t until “J” was going through a tough time a little over a year ago that “J” and Brielle really connected.

Brielle became “J’s” pen pals. Brielle wrote “J” letters several times a week and sent her little gifts and drawings to lift her spirits. “J” was part of our list of people we prayed for each morning during our devotion time. Brielle came to love “J” and looked forward to every chance she had to write to her.

Getting a letter back from "J" was a special treat. "J" painted a picture of the sign for "I love you" in Brielle's favorite colors. Brielle has it proudly hanging in her room next to a picture of them together.

Last summer, “J” told me that she wanted to learn sign language, so I started tutoring her. She was a fast learner and practiced her new signing skills with Brielle. After each tutoring session, “J” spent time with Brielle. They watched movies or played video games.  “J” just accepted Brielle without any hesitation. It was beautiful to watch them together.

“J” also began babysitting Brielle from time to time. “J” is so patient with Brielle. She plays with Brielle and does whatever Brielle wants to do when they are together even if that means watching the same video over and over again.

“J” sends little messages to Brielle on a social networking site and posts silly pictures of them together. "J" loves that cute little white kitty character. Brielle points it out in stores wherever we go and signs "That's 'J's' favorite". Brielle loves wearing her PJ's with that little white kitty character every time "J" comes over to babysit.

Even though “J” is a year younger than Brielle (almost to the day!), the two have really bonded and they are just buds. “J” is such a blessing to Brielle and I am happy she is part of our lives!

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