Friday, February 15, 2013

Generous Surprise Gift from a Stranger - Part 2

In early January, we were approached by a stranger at the car dealership while my vehicle was being repaired. He gave us two tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in April. It was quite a shock!

If you haven't read that part of the story, be sure to read it! 

After we received the tickets and, later the two extra tickets so our whole family could go, the man realized the two sets weren't for the same night. So, today he called and asked us to come back to the dealership to get a whole new set of tickets -- four sitting all together on the same evening. 

Four new tickets!
Not only did he give us the tickets, but he gave us two big Taylor Swift backpacks (one for Brielle and one for Ashley)....

What a fabulous late birthday present for Brielle!
...And they were both stuffed with oodles of Taylor Swift gear!
I think Brielle's beaming smile says it all!

Again, we are simply overwhelmed by Mike's generosity. He is such a kind man and probably has no idea what a huge gift this has been for us in so many way!

I think I can safely say that Mike is no longer a "stranger" now that we address one another by first names only and greet each other with hugs. :) It is an honor to know him and know that he often demonstrates this sort of random generosity with others.

He's also promised another "special surprise" (not related to the Taylor Swift concert).  I can't even wrap my head around that one, so I'll keep it to myself for right now. But, be reading for more details in the fall!

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  1. What a wonderful guy this Mike must be. And what a reminder of how even tiny acts of kindness can be meaningful to those around us. Thanks for sharing.


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