Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs - Chef Brielle

Brielle continues to want to do more and more on her own. Her enthusiasm is just amazing!
Chef Brielle!
June 2008

She has been VERY interested in helping me cook these days. Although there is lots she can't do, I try to let her do what she can: stir, pour, fetch ingredients, throw away packaging, help read recipes, etc.

This past week, I went to a scrapbook retreat with friends. I was in charge of providing the meal for Saturday night's dinner. I prepared what I could for the Tortilla Soup ahead of time. I just left out the canned ingredients, cheese and the water and then froze it all. Made for easy prep Saturday evening so I could get back to scrapbooking (and writing) ASAP!

Leftover crack candy --
Although Brielle helped me with the preparations for the soup, she really liked helping make the dessert -- Crack Candy! It's an easy recipe (perfect for me - a non-baker) and was a hit! Thankfully, there were just enough leftovers to bring home to share with Dad!

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