Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday's Wacky Words - Our Little Tattle Tale

Brielle is so eager to communicate. So much so that she tells ALL.

This past weekend, I went on a scrapbook retreat with friends. I left Thursday afternoon and didn't return until late Sunday afternoon.  While Brian was at work during the day, our favorite sitter, Jessie, stayed with Brielle. I heard ALL about their time together:
- Jessie has a blue and green computer (that is also very cool - in Brielle's opinion)

Jessie and Brielle
May 2012
- They chatted back and forth on Facebook even though they were in the house together
- Jessie knocked on the door Friday morning and our dog, Cooper, barked loudly
- Jessie had coffee Friday morning
- They played Wii bowling and Brielle had two strikes
- Jessie helped her fix donuts for breakfast Friday morning

Brian had two full days alone with Brielle plus two other evenings. And I heard ALL about their time together, too:
- They went to a basketball game Friday night and they saw girls play and then the boys
- She told which direction they went to get there
- There were two cops at the basketball game
- They tried to go to our favorite little pretzel shop but it had closed (and Dad said the lady must have gone home -- which she followed by telling me "oh nuts")
- They went to a "watch fit it place" (a battery store, but she didn't know the sign for "battery")

Yay! Waffle House!
- They went to Waffle House for dinner (Brielle's absolute FAVORITE place -- ha, ha) and she had two waffles 
- They saw a dead deer by the side of the road, Dad told her it probably got hit by a car and that was "so sad".
- Brielle got to "sleepover" with Dad Saturday night and it was like when I let her "sleepover" with me
- They watched old home videos at their sleepover and she wore a pretty dress in one of them (Brian told me she was probably talking about the Easter 1998 video they watched)
- She ate bar-b-que popcorn in bed (I know, sounds like a weird food, but it's not bad!)
Sleepover with Dad :)
- Our dog, Cooper, jumped up on the bed and tried to steal some popcorn from her (his favorite food is popcorn, no matter what kind - crazy dog) 

Brielle was total chatter box when I got home and I heard many funny details about her weekend (more than I shared here). What a little tattle tale! At least now, when I tell her something is a secret (especially around Christmas or birthdays), she can keep quiet. But, look out... if you don't tell her it's a secret, she's a total blabber mouth!

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