Monday, February 11, 2013

Oh Brother... Love Him? Or Poke His Eye Out?

Today is my brother's birthday. It's not a milestone birthday or anything, so I won't reveal his age or anything so embarrassing. (He's five years older than I am and I'm 43, so you can do the math.) -- :)

When we were little, I'm sure I was just that crying thing that kept him up at night and took attention away from Mom and Dad.

He looks thrilled, eh?

My first birthday
December 1970
When we were young kids, our relationship was based on pestering, bugging and teasing (despite what some of these pictures show).
At Disney

When we were teenagers, it got awkward and we rarely talked.

Awkward... Don't you love my knee socks?
At his confirmation
May 1978?
Awkward family photo
at my confirmation
May 1983?

Awkward...again... I won't even comment on my shirt...

Awkward photo at Christmas.... even our cats look awkward...
When we finally got older, it got fun.

February 2006?
December 2009

Smooches! With cooties!!!
December 2009
July 2012

Sure, we still goof around like only siblings can. But, he's the only person who "knew me when", knows all of the childhood stories, gets all the inside family jokes, and, despite all of that, still wants to be my friend.
Me, Mom, Dad and Jason
January 2012
I refuse to admit that I like him being my older brother. I won't say that I'm glad we're friends. I would never in a million years admit that sometimes I tell him things I never tell anyone else. I won't even mention that he brings out the best in me by making me feel like a kid again.

For now, I'll just wish him a Happy Birthday.... And tell him to watch out... or I'll poke his eye out!

Love you, Jason!

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