Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday's Wacky Words - What's in a Name?

Brielle with her new baby doll!
For her birthday last week, Brielle received a new baby doll. (Yes, Brielle is 17, but she still loves her doll.) Her previous doll was looking a little scary/creepy with one of her sleepy eyes always down plus missing eyelashes and paint on the lid. So, it was time for a new one!

So, how to name a doll?

With Brielle signing, it's always helpful to have a name that actually has a sign for it. Her first doll's name was "Lily" (it was looking poorly so she had to be replaced about five years ago) and her second one (the one that most recently had to be replaced) was named "Daisy". We adapted the sign for "flower" for both doll's names and just used an "L" for "Lily" and a "D" for "Daisy".

So, what's the new doll's name?

I asked my friends on Facebook for suggestions. The doll had a fish embroidered on it's little shirt, so that was the first point of inspiration. Plus, we seemed to have a flower theme going as well (Ashley's most loved doll's name was "Rosie").

Here's some of the suggestions we got:
- Ariel
- Violet
- Bella
- Dory
- Cora
- Angel
- Mona
- Bailey
- Mermaid
- Rose
- Mollie
- Nemo
- Sweeite Pie

I kinda liked "Violet" and "Angel" the best (and we could do signs easily for either one), so I gave Brielle the choice. She enthusiastically chose "Angel"! What a perfect name! And an easy sign to go along with it!

Thanks to all of my Facebook friends who made suggestions!

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