Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs - Shopping Anyone?

Brielle has always liked shopping. What girl doesn't? However, since we started homeschooling almost three years ago, she has had to tag along with me on every shopping trip - fun places or not.

Lately, I've been trying to bump up her involvement in the grocery shopping process. As much as I include her, she's willing to do!

The process starts at home!
Clipping coupons
Reading ads
Comparing prices to my master list
(YES! I keep a master list of ALL the things we regularly buy
and what the current price is at the two major grocery stores in our area
including the best sale price historically at each place!)
Then, we make our list! (and we RARELY stray from it at all!)

And we're off to do our rounds at both grocery stores
plus any other errands we might have.
Brielle is in charge of grabbing our reusable grocery bags!

Gotta wipe down the cart to be free from any nasty germs!
(including CMV!)
And we're off to shop!
Brielle pushes the cart until it gets to heavy to manage.
Brielle helps find many of the items and puts them in the cart.
She NEVER forgets to get chocolate milk!
Her favorite!
Although some of the bags are heavy,
she unloads as many as she can into the car.

It's truly too difficult for her to unload the car between carrying the bags and managing the steps from the garage into the house. However, Brielle is becoming more and more involved with unloading the bags. She's also getting pretty good at folding up the reusable bags.

Of course, shopping at the mall or even a discount store is a whole lot more fun than the boring grocery store. But, as long as she's included and gets a job, Brielle is usually pretty excited about going anywhere to shop!

Nice shopping, Brielle! :)

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