Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Teaching HIghlights - Sam and Love Notes

Our teaching week was cut short last week since I went on a long weekend with friends. So, we didn't have school last Thursday and Friday. No subs available at our school! :)

Here's our (shortened) week in review:

- Faith: We learned that we shouldn't expect anything in return for doing a good deed. "The Lord bless you. You have shown kindness." - 2 Samuel 2:5

- Reading: The little apricot miniature poodle, Sweetie, we've been reading about is living up to her name. But, so far, no new forever home for her.

Brielle's letter to her big sis
- Handwriting: Brielle wrote a sweet note to her big sister, Ashley, who is away at college. We try to send her a letter once a week and include a note from Brielle, any mail that's come here fo rher, maybe a fun gift card, and coupons she might be able to use.

- Language Arts: We're still working on putting the basics to work by correcting punctuation and grammar in sentences. She does great, but adding the correct punctuation for dialog (adding quotation marks and commas properly) is still a struggle.

Uncle Sam
- Social Studies/History: We learned about Uncle Sam! Although no one is quite sure of his origins, it is believed that it is based on a butcher named Sam Wilson who provided meat to soldiers in the War of 1812. The soldiers referred to the "U.S." stamped on the outside of the boxes as a mark of the meat being provided by "Uncle Sam". Cool bit of trivia!

- Science: We learned about how sound travels through gases, liquids and solids. We "experimented" by putting our ears to the top of the table and tapping on it. It was so loud!

- Life Skills: Brielle has been very interested in cooking. I tried to get her involved in as many parts of the process as she is able to. Food always tastes better when you help cook it!

"I think careful cooking is love, don't you?
The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who's close to you
is about as nice a valentine as you can give." - Julia Child

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