Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday's Making a Difference - What's Up Doc?

I went to a scrapbook retreat this weekend with a bunch of friends. I completed 52 and am totally caught up!

Scrapbook page #1
with some of Brielle's docs
Scrapbook page #2
with some of Brielle's docs

One of the layouts was one about Brielle's doctors. Looking at all of those business cards for her doctors, nurses and dentists (did not even include her therapists), I realized just how many medical professionals are in her life. Well... Actually, she doesn't see some of these docs any more. More specifically, she's down to just her annual visit to her pediatrician, semi-annual dental cleanings and monthly chiropractic visits. Very glad to have all of them providing Brielle with such good care, but even happier to be done with most of them!

Thanks, Docs!

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