Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday's Making a Difference - Aunt Tracy!

Back to Monday's Making a Difference posts! (Yes, I know it's been a while...)

Yep! That's Aunt Tracy
fighting wild fires!
Today's post is about Brian's sister, Tracy. Aunt Tracy is quite the woman. I first met her in high school when we were in driver's education class together. Twenty-something years later, she lives on the Idaho-Wyoming border, not far from Jackson Hole, WY and works for the U.S. Forestry Department fighting wild fires!

Although we don't get to see her often, when we do, it's just like good ole family times. The girls adore her. She's the only aunt they've really known.

Aunt Tracy hanging out with Brielle
watching movies in her room
May 2012

Earlier this year, when Tracy came to visit us for Ashley's high school graduation, we noticed something a little different. She really spent time with Brielle doing whatever Brielle wanted to do, even if it was just playing on the computer.

When Tracy came this Christmas, we noticed Tracy spent a lot of time with Brielle again.

Little Brielle with Aunt Tracy
December 2001?
Why is this so different? It's not that Tracy ignored Brielle before -- not at all. It's just that, other than grandparents, extended relatives sometimes don't know quite how to connect with Brielle, especially those who don't see Brielle very often.

Aunt Tracy is truly loved by Brielle and it was heart warming to see them truly connect this year.

Aunt Tracy showing Brielle
neat things on her computer
December 2012

Hanging out together watching movies
December 2012
Aunt Tracy helping Brielle
pull things out of stocking
Christmas 2012

Telling Aunt Tracy good-bye
December 2012
Aunt Tracy came to our church
to watch Brielle be an angel
in the children's Christmas

Luv ya, Aunt Tracy!

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