Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs: Clean, Snooze, Mac and Dog

After last week's post, I've really become super sensitive about backing off and encouraging Brielle to do more on her own. And we've BOTH had quite a successful week!

Stirring, stirring!!
Brielle always likes to help me in the kitchen. Throwing my "just get it done and get it done fast" attitude away, I let her help a lot this week. Her favorite was making mac and cheese, but she did a lot of other simple things to help me prepare meals, too!

I'll admit it. I'm a routine girl. I do the same things on the same day of the week. Have for years. Friday is cleaning day. And Brielle was eager to help me with lots of the chores!

Dusting those bunnies away!

Dusting away MORE bunnies!

Now THAT'S a better reflection!
Vrroom! Vrrrooom!!
We also started a new bedtime routine. We've been getting Brielle ready for bed (changing her into PJs, brushing her teeth, fixing her bed, changing her calendar) and tucking her in for... well, always. Thinking about getting her more independent, we've switched things up. We do the prep right after dinner (changing clothes, brushing teeth) and let her do the rest on her own when it's bedtime. Success! And no big deal at all. 

Sleeping Beauty!
Well, a little awkwardly, but still...

Last, but not least....
Yum! Yum! Kibble!
Brielle has taken over doggie care duties. She's feeding Cooper in the morning and in the evening (before the bedtime prep routine) and doing a great job. Cooper isn't complaining!

So, here's to another week of Mom getting out of the way! Yay Mom!

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