Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday's Wacky Words - Chatting (With Herself!)

Brielle wants a cell phone SO much. She even knows which kind (an iPhone) and which color case she wnts (a pink one!). Unfortunately, we have little confidence that she won't become a pest and text people too much. One reason we worry is because she has these little "chat sessions" on her iPod. She creates these long chats with people she knows.......

"Chatting" with her big sister
"Chatting" with her babysitter
"Chatting" with her grandma

.....and even with a people she doesn't really know!
"Chatting" with Matt
(a character on "Victorious")

Although this is great writing practice, it's just more evidence that she might not know "proper etiquette" for texting friends and family. So, for now, no cell phone for a few more years. :(

But, isn't that wacky the way she does it??? :)


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  2. Here is another one.


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