Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Making a Difference - Linda

Brielle has participated in Special Olympics bowling since she first became eligible at the age of eight. She just loves it and has participated in Special Olympics in Texas, Ohio and now Georgia.

Linda and Brielle
at Special Olympics bowling practice
January 2013
Although she used to need more help, Brielle now does a lot of it on her own. She still needs a little help and Linda is her helper. She's kind to Brielle and there for her every week at practice. but, the best part of how Linda interacts with Brielle is that she actually treats Brielle like she's 16, not like a little kid. On top of that, Linda only helps Brielle when she needs help. Otherwise, she steps back and lets Brielle do everything else, including getting the spotlight for strikes and spares!

Brielle moves the ramp into position
and lines up her shot...

Linda puts her bowling ball
at the top of the ramp...
Brielle gives the ball a shove
and then watches it roll down the lane....


Then the celebrations begin!

Last Saturday was the big Georgia State Special Olympics Indoor Winter Games. Although Linda was not allowed to personally help her, there were other volunteers there to help and Linda was there to cheer her on.

Special Olympics Bowling
Medal Ceremony
at the Georgia State Indoor Winter Games
January 2013
Although she only competed against one other ramp bowler, Brielle won the gold and had a blast. 

Thanks, Linda for what you do for Brielle AND what you DON'T do!!!

Be a fan!!!

--> For more information about Special Olympics, be sure to visit:  They are always looking for volunteers and I can guarantee you'll have a blast, too!

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