Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's Teaching Highlights

With our rainy week, we were stuck inside a lot. That made it a productive school week indeed! Here's some of the things we learned:

- Faith: We know that God is always with us. "He is always watching, never sleeping." - Psalm 121:4

Connecting the dots!
- Reading: Cocoa, the chocolate lab, finally found a new forever home! Yay!

- Handwriting: Dot-to-dot pages are a fun way to warm up and do better at handwriting!

Mad Libs!
- Language Arts: We had a Mad Libs page this week ABOUT Mad Libs!

- Creative Writing: Brielle loves anything about the computer. Every day after lunch, she writes her dad and sister, Ashley, emails about what she had for lunch. She always includes some funny thing about what she's thinking about, like how much she wants a new PINK computer for her upcoming birthday! I check her grammar, spelling and punctuation before she sends them. But, sometimes, her emails are just too cute just as she writes them.

Brielle and me (July 2012)
Overlooking the Columbia River
where Lewis and Clark traveled
- Social Studies/History: President Thomas Jefferson hired Lewis and Clark in 1804 to explore the new territory of the Louisiana Purchase. On their journey west, Lewis and Clark's expedition went right through the area when Grandma and Grandpa live in the Tri Cities of southeast Washington State. Maybe they even walked on the land where their house is!

Some of Brielle's leg and hand braces
from when she was younger
- Science: George de Mestral invented Velcro after noticing burrs stuck to his dog's fur. The word "Velcro" comes from the French word "velour" (velvet) and "crochet" (hook). We looked around the house for things that use Velcro and found lots of items. For example, all of Brielle's leg and hand braces have Velcro on them!

Double digits!
- Math: Brielle is on a roll! She's mastered adding and subtracting double digits (as long as she doesn't have to carry or borrow - although she's starting to learn how to carry).

Brielle loves bowling
with Special Olympics
- Life Skills: It was another busy week learning to do more things for herself. Clean, snooze, mac, and doggie -- oh my!

- Physical Activity: A rainy week kept us inside. :(  But, Brielle had fun bowling with Special Olympics last Saturday. She has this weekend off and then the big Georgia State Winter Games the next weekend!

- Music: Although not really a "teaching lesson", Brielle has been totally into listening to Taylor Swift music this week. She is so excited about going to her concert in April since the stranger gave us tickets!

"Oh, what a shame. What a rainy ending given to the perfect day." - Taylor Swift

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