Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs - The Doctors Were Wrong!

Our family
Christmas 1995
(7 1/2 months pregnant with Brielle but before the CMV diagnosis)
A little over 17 years ago (while I was still pregnant with her), doctors told us Brielle had been affected by cytomegalovirus (CMV) prenatally. Although it's a very common virus, it can be devastating to an unborn child. I was heartbroken and overwhelmed when the doctor called me and gave me the grave news that there was a 40% chance Brielle might die at birth due to liver damage.

My notes
 from when I got the call
from the doctors
January 1996
My notes
from when I got the call
from the doctors
January 1996
....But, she was born healthy!
Brielle with Mom and Dad
on the day she was born
February 13, 1996

Brielle using her walker
November 1998
When she was a year old, doctors told us she would probably never walk and we should start working with our insurance company to get her a wheelchair. Just before her third birthday, she started walking with a walker.

...A few months later, she was walking on her own!

Now, at almost 17 years old, she's doing better than any doctor could have predicted when she was younger. She has many struggles, but that beautiful smile is nearly always shining!

Brielle hamming it up for the camera
Christmas morning 2012

Brielle IS a triumph every day!

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  1. Yay Brielle! And look at me cheesing it up :)


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