Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday's Wacky Words - Interjections!

Remember that Schoolhouse Rock episode called "Interjections"? It's one of my favorite episodes and brings back a lot of childhood memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Brielle's use of interjections is always funny. Although there are signs for  "hey", "awesome" and "wow", there are no signs for most of them, so Brielle spells them out.

Her favorites are "Y-I-K-E-S", "A-W-W" and "U-H O-H". But, one of the funniest interjections she uses is "U-G-H" which she usually follows up by smacking her forehead. Even funnier is after smacking her head, she sometimes signs "O-U-C-H".  A double interjection!

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