Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday's Teaching Highlights - Crazy Horse and Crack Candy

It was a good week, but we were busy trying to get in our last few days of teaching in for the month. We finished up Day #114  yesterday (out of 180 we need to complete) -- no school today since I'm leaving for a weekend trip with some friends. :)

Here's some of the highlights of what we learned this week during our regular routine:

- Faith: We need to show kindness to everyone. "If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him a drink." - Proverbs 25:21

- Reading: We started a new book called Sweetie from our favorite series about a family that fosters dogs and finds them new homes. Sweetie is a cute  miniature poodle with a lot of charisma!

- Handwriting: Brielle wrote two letters this week - one to her Grandma for her birthday and one to her big sister for Valentine's Day!

- Language Arts: Brielle worked on parts of speech and other concepts. She put them all to good use writing her dad and sister emails each day and "chatting" with herself!

- Math: Brielle continues to do great with double digit addition and subtraction facts, but we also reviewed concepts of time. Although she can tell time without any issues, being able to tell how long it is before something is scheduled is still a concept we're working on. (For example: If we need to leave for the grocery store at 1:30pm and it is now 11:30am, how long before we need to go?)

- Social Studies/History: We learned about the Native American leader, Crazy Horse, and his battle in 1876 with General George Custer. (Brielle thought his name was funny!) Surprisingly, she remembered the movie "Spirit" (one of my favorites!) and how it was about a Native American boy (and a horse, named Spirit) around the same time as Crazy Horse Lived. So, we watched it just for fun!

- Science: We studied more about magnets. We had great fun going around the house and finding things that use magnets. She was surprised that there are magnets along the refrigerator door to keep it closed. Now if I could only teach her not to slam the fridge door every time she goes in it!

- Physical Activity: Brielle competed in the Georgia State Special Olympics Winter Indoor games on Saturday and had so much fun.

- Life Skills: Brielle continues to want to do more and more on her own. It's all of the little things that are really adding up! Yesterday, she helped me make "crack candy" to bring to share with my friends this weekend. Yummy recipe if you want to try it!

--> To learn more about our typical routine, check out my previous post about that!

"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt" -- Special Olympics Motto

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. You were a blessing to me today!


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