Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs: Beans and Bathtime

I'll admit it. Sometimes I just need to get out of the way to let Brielle do something on her own. As a mother, I so often just want to "get it done" or "get it done fast" or even "get it done the right way" which is really only "getting it done MY way."

I know, I know. Bad mom award for those times.

But, lately, I've been making a real effort to let Brielle attempt more things by herself. Who cares if takes longer? Who cares if it isn't my idea of "perfect"?

With that being said, "Tuesday's Tiny Triumphs" posts are likely to be about me "triumphing over myself" rather than about Brielle's new abilities. No matter if I have to go to the extreme of sitting on my hands and pursing my lips tightly shut, I will give Brielle more independence!

Snapping beans!
Brielle's first new thing this week was helping me prepare string beans for the stirfry dish I made a few nights ago. I snipped off the ends and sorted through a few bad beans. Brielle then snapped them in half. Big deal? It was for her! She was SO excited to be able help. She's a decent eater (despite her skinny frame), but she ate more of the beans on her plate that night than usual. But doesn't it always taste better when you make it yourself?

Scrub, scrub, scrub!
The other success she had was during bathtime. Baths are always a process and a long one at that. She sits on a bench in the tub and I use a shower wand to wash her. Instead of "just getting it done", I handed her the bath puff and let her scrub away. She actually did a great job getting everywhere she could possibly reach on her own. And boy, did she have a great time laughing and giggling the whole time!

Brush, brush, brush!
After her bath, I handed her the brush and she did her hair herself. Not perfect, but good enough!

Hey Mom! I can do this!
(at least on the left side)
Then, instead of "just getting it done" again when it came time to dry her hair, I handed her the blowdryer. She could really only reach the left side of her hair (the side closest to her "good hand") and she bopped herself a few times in the head with the nozzle, but she had a great time drying her hair herself.

So, YAY for tiny triumphs this week! (And YAY for moms getting out of the way!)


  1. Sadly, I too am guilty of simply doing it myself with Victoria to get it done... In the last few months with doctor visits and research, I have had my eyes opened and have been trying to do the same, but as a busy mom of 3 (16yr old special needs daughter, 15yr old teenage son and a very buy little 3 yr old boy) it is hard to do. Again you have encouraged me, Kerith... Thank you! <3

  2. Way to go Brielle (and Kerith). I am very proud of both of you! And Kerith - I really needed to hear this today. I am also guilty of let's just get it done. I am going to work on letting my little one do more things independently. Thanks Friend!!

  3. I hit myself in the head with the blow dryer most days too! Good job B!


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