Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday's Making a Difference - Susan

Celebrating Susan's birthday!
January 13, 2013
Today's "Monday's Making a Difference" is about my dear friend, Susan.

I met Susan two and half years ago at a dinner club event with my church. Although she had lived in my community for several years, she was new to our church. We talked that evening about our Praise Team and how she loved to sing. I encouraged her to speak with one of the Praise Team leaders about joining the group. Within a few months, she was sharing her beautiful voice with the congregation. 

Our Praise Team
December 23, 2012
What makes her special to us is how she interacts with Brielle. She always greets her with a hug each Sunday morning before our practice. Susan has such a kind and gentle heart and a sweet way of interacting with Brielle. She has spent many a Sunday morning sitting next to Brielle looking at Brielle's pictures on her iPod. Brielle tries to tell her who each person is and Susan actually remembers them for the next time.

We've enjoyed a few lunches together (at her home and mine) and last night we celebrated her birthday (I won't reveal which number...) with her eclectic group of friends. We had a great time together.

There are many wonderful people at  my church, but Susan holds a special place in my heart!
Our Church

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